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I am told that experience in other parts of the country varies, but around here, the Post Office is the best thing going for letter, packet and parcel delivery and I support them in their bid for a fair wage and decent working conditions.

With a few specialist exceptions, no other organisation is geared up for delivery to domestic addresses, particularly not Business-to-Business courier companies. Just look at it—

Typical courier practice is to try to deliver when the house is empty, the office is closed by the time you get home so have to re-arrange delivery the next morning by which time it is already on the truck destined for non-delivery again. They will not attempt a third delivery on instruction from the recipient because you are not the customer and they return the parcel undelivered after 5 days if not collected from some depot in a seedy trading estate the other side of town which is only open during the working day. When it comes to letters, they skim off the lucrative bulk collections and dump them onto the Post Office for the “final mile” to your door.

Compare that with the Post Office with local distribution offices (for letters and packets); items kept for three weeks; through the letterbox delivery if it fits and a signature not required; the Postie is a regular visitor and you get to know them and they get to know you.

No comparison.

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