TapWhat next after CAPTCHA

They were quite efective even though we all hated them—the fuzzy, misshapen, blurred letters that we had to read and type into the box to verify that we were human not some robot spam generator. But recently, two big systems, Google’s gmail and Microsoft’s live mail have been cracked. There are other types about such as simple arithmetic and counting monkeys but they wouldn’t last long if used on high volume, high profile systems like these. They all suffered from being more or less inaccessible to the disabled anyway. So now that CAPTCHA can’t keep the crackers out, where can we go next? And whatever, for the accessibility reasons they must be dropped altogether now.

There are a lot of possibilities out there; one-time pass codes texted to your mobile or RSA key-fob dongles for instance, but they are all far to expensive for the many places that you (the end user) would like to use and you (the site owner) would like to attract customers.

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