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At the end of a particularly good meal on Saturday, the talk drifted to concerts we had been to recently and then onto favourite pieces of music. The Brother-in-law said that he had been to (or had organised?) events where a few guests were invited to put their favourite five pieces of music onto a CD and talk up to them in the manner of Desert Island Discs. When asked what my favourites would be I quickly rattled off

Later I realised that these would not do at all. They were chosen because they are the most beautiful pieces of music I know—but I couldn’t give any other good reason for choosing them. They don’t hold any special memories for me so I will have to think again if I am ever to do this. In practice, if stranded on an island, I would prefer a book like the Guinness: British Hit Singles and Albums because, for the older ones at least, I can sing them in my head for days, whistle or hum them and it would require no power. I am not so good at remembering words.

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