TapSonos bonus

A problem we have had with our very tall house has been getting Wi-Fi access from the top to the bottom. Our office, with all the gear, is at the top but Mary likes to work at the bottom while eating breakfast etc. In order to get a decent signal I had resorted to putting the access point on the top landing with the aerial horizontal and sticking over the edge of the stairs. To reach this required a cat5 cable out of the office door, behind the book case and over the bedroom door. The power had to come out under the bedroom door as there were no convenient sockets.

Then Dave and I had a wizard wheeze. The Sonos music system runs wireless throughout the house and each box has a built in switch with 2 or 4 RJ45 sockets. So I have now connected the access point to the Sonos in the sitting room (the middle of the house) and reception works anywhere with no trailing wires. It needs two wireless hops, one to the access point and then one over SonosNet to the router but it doesn’t seem to affect performance very much.

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