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Even after the extended build-up and yesterday’s world-wide launch there are still a few extensions that haven’t been updated for Firefox version 3.

These are a few that I found that could be simply hacked to enable them to load. I haven’t altered the functionality at all, just changed the maximum version number to 3.* and tested them. They work on my system but you use them at your own risk on yours.

CacheViewer 0.4.7 — Update: Hacked version Version now available.

Stop-or-Reload Button 0.2.2 — The page says it works with Firefox 3 but it doesn’t. Hacked version

UK Threat Level 0.15 — Update: Hacked version 0.15.99 Version 0.16 now available.

British English Dictionary 1.19 — The page says it works with Firefox 3 but it doesn’t. Hacked version 1.19.99 supersedes my earlier version. This extension is also suitable for Thunderbird 2.*. It is not entirely clear if this dictionary is needed for Firefox 3 or if there is one built into the English (British) basic download.

View Cookies 1.7 is ok but for some reason won’t update automatically.

Update: Google Pagerank Status 0.9.8 — Although the web site doesn’t say so, the version there is now 0.9.9 and does support Firefox 3.

HTML Validator (Mac OS X Intel) — It says that version is now available but there is nothing on the other end of the link. Mac OS versions are made even though the official Firefox Add-ons page says they are not.

Objection 0.2.2 — Like View Cookies, the automatic updater doesn’t seem to work. Version 0.3.3 supports Firefox 3.

Update: Minimize to Tray (windows) — Hacked version also works with Thunderbird 2.*.

Autohide 1.2 — Most of the features are incorporated into the base build of Firefox 3 so I won’t be using it.

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