TapCrossover for Mac Pricing

Codeweavers, the makers of Crossover for Mac have the most peculiar pricing/support structure I have come across. This package allows you to run many Windows programs on a Mac; there is a version for Linux as well. It is especially useful for that odd application that you might have for which there is no suitable Mac replacement. In my case it is WaveCorrector which is by far the best vinyl clean-up tool available—but for Windows only.

I purchased and installed Crossover back when I first bought the Mac (April 2008) to enable me to run this one program, and it has been fine. I don’t need any more features from Crossover and have never had to call on their support. So when their support ended after six months it didn’t bother me too much at the time.

Now Snow Leopard has come out and for about £20 I have received my DVD. I have been checking all the software I need for compatibility and the majority have already upgraded or are in the process of doing so. All but one has at least a beta version available and that includes the freeware. There is no patch for my version of Crossover and, if there was, I could not download it because my support has expired. They do have a new version which does support Snow Leopard but to get it I have to re-purchase the product to bring my support up to date; That is $40—more than the MacOS upgrade itself!

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