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Yesterday I bought a CD Single. Fortunately is was from a charity shop and I paid 50p for it. I would have been a bit miffed if I had paid £4.89 as it contained ONE TRACK of 3 minutes 54 seconds. So that got me thinking about who buys CD singles now if they are such poor value and what makes up the UK Singles Chart that is published every week. I went to the Official UK Charts Company to investigate the last question and it seems, not unreasonably, that downloads are now included in the sales figures. I could have bought the same track as a download from Amazon for 69p. But it is still not clear what counts as a single because I can go to one of the download sites such as Amazon or iTunes and download any song from any album. Does that then automatically count as a single and could it potentially make the charts. This seems very democratic putting the control on what tracks are taken from albums to make singles firmly in the hands of the consumer though, no doubt, heavily influenced by the radio station play lists.

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