TapHandy tips for Laguna owners

The 2000+ Renault Laguna (the one with no keyholes) has a few quirks which are not in the owners manual (if we still had it). These are based on experience and may be mistaken but also may also apply to other cars, especially other Renault models.

  1. When the card key battery runs low it fails to operate the door mechanism. Changing the battery appears not to make any difference but the problem is that it has lost the code. Get into the car using the other key then use the faulty key (with a new battery) to start the car. This re-instates the code.
  2. If the dashboard goes haywire e.g. all lights stuck on, then it can be reset/tested by removing the card key; hold down the trip computer button on the end of the stick and while it is pressed, put the key back in. This will then reset the computer and go through a test sequence. Remove the key to stop it.
  3. The tyre pressure warning system is sensitive to the cold, especially sub zero temperatures. The symptoms are that all four tyres show flat and the warning light flashes. This will clear itself after about a half mile when the tyres warm up. I had it fixed once under warantee (no idea what they did) but it still does it most winters.
  4. A poor contact in the electric sunroof switch can cause it to open at unexpected times. The switch is expensive (c£100) so disconnect it by pulling out the plug (the switch panel just pops off). Fortunately the default position for the roof is closed.

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