TapP****d off

First a warning—LADIES, this post is not for you. You don’t have the problem, so move on to another post, there are plenty of interesting ones further down.

Right—I hate urinals! I refuse to use them unless there is nothing else and I am bursting to go. Why? Next time you need to use one, try this experiment. Do your business as usual and when you have zipped/buttoned up take one pace backwards. Now take both hands and rub them up the inside of your trouser legs from knee to groin. Now wash your hands because you certainly need to.

The problem is a fine mist splash-back, even with my late middle age feeble stream. I don’t know of any solution so I always use a cubicle. It is a shame that is uses far too much water; few have the water saving half flush as they think you are in there for “bigger things”.

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