TapDigital TV Blues

and Greens and Reds.

One thing they kept very quiet about in the all hoo-har and glitz of the Great Digital Revolution is that if you run your TV from a set top aerial as you may well do if you are in a bed-sit, caravan or, as in our case, a portable for the guest room, then you will get NO TV SERVICE whatsoever. Previously you might have got a picture that was a bit fuzzy but it was watchable and you could hear the sound. Now, unless you are living in good line of sight from the transmitter out your bedroom window you will not even be able to tune the programs properly. Those that do register will be pixelated, break up and have no sound.

Actually two things they didn’t tell us. The second is if you have to use one of the fill in relay transmitters you will receive nothing like the 40 or more advertised channels whatever aerial you use. Previously you were deprived with no channel 5 on analogue. On digital you will get few of the independent commercial channels.

So it is off to the aerial shop this afternoon to get a cheap external aerial and 15m of cable. I hope I can get it onto the existing mast ok.

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