In case you haven’t heard, Microsoft are about to release Internet Explorer Version 7 to the world—I am not exactly sure when. Anyway, they are so keen on it that, soon after it becomes available, they are going to push it out as a “fix” on Patch Tuesday like the monthly security repairs.
My opinion, for what it is worth, is that the average user should resist installing this for a while to give it a chance to settle down. Many web sites will not be prepared for the changes. I have not tested it yet because I don’t want to install a pre-release version onto my only working computer, so I haven’t tested and adjusted my web site for it. I expect there are many people in the same position. Give it a few weeks for the gremlins to be worked out and see what the press is like before committing yourself. This is the same even if you use an alternative browser; a surprising amount of internal Windows relies on Internet Explorer, not the least of which is Windows Update.
Of course, if you are configured for automatic updates then you will need to turn this off and set it for notify-and-manual-install for a while so you don’t wake up one day and find it has just happened.

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