TapLicence to Sing (2)

Earlier, I wrote about the problem of songs that were not covered by the CCL licence now that, for morning services and festivals, we are changing over to exclusively projecting the words of hymns rather than using books. After some research I discovered a solution that resolves most of them.

There is another licence organisation which is not widely known about in evangelical circles (i.e. those who use CCL). This is the Calamus licence run by Decanni Music, a publisher in the catholic tradition. It allows the use of songs by 80 or more authors and a dozen publishing houses in a similar manner to CCL. Not all that many, but the cost is also relatively low.

I think many churches, particularly those in the middle of the spectrum who mix sacramental and bible based worship should be considering this. They are either missing out on some great songs by such authors as Bernadette Farrell and Marty Haugen or they are breaking the law.

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