TapEasyWorship Schedule Printer

One of the few flaws in the EasyWorship church projection software relates not to its primary function but the printing facilities. It was perhaps thought that these were entirely secondary but we are aware that some people can’t (or won’t) get on with the projected image and need a paper copy. When the church is geared to a bookless service, perhaps by necessity because the songs now in use are not in the books, there needs to be a way of providing a few paper copies. It is not worth expending large amounts of administrator time in producing these as used to be done when printed orders of service were provided to everyone, so a means to reproduce what otherwise appears on the screen is needed.

The EasyWorship software provides a “Print Schedule (Details)” facility but this is of fixed format and one song (or whatever) to a page. Variations to this may well be needed. In our church we project liturgy, sometimes only two lines per item. This would be very wasteful of paper and a thick pile for someone to handle. The only alternative has been to cut and paste the song details to a word processor document but this was exceedingly tedious and took too much time. The best time to produce this leaflet is just before the service.

To get around this problem I have written a post processor to format the output in a more useful (and customisable) form … [more]

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