TapSong (Un)Select (UK)

If I can find a way to send SongSelect back and claim a refund, I will. It is RUBBISH. I don’t know if the USA online version is any better but this offline one that we have to use is very poor. It is not so much the clumsy interface and it’s pretending that you can use it to project directly but the transcription of the songs built in is very poor and that is the purpose for which we bought it. I quote a (public domain) example:

God holds the key of all unknown
And I am glad
If other hands should hold the key
Or if He trusted it to me
I might be sad I might be sad

What if tomorrows cares were here
Without its rest
I’d rather He unlocked the day
And as the hours swing open say
My will is best My will is best

Joseph Parker (1830-1902)

I would say that this is un-singable. Not only is there no punctuation on the ends of the lines, which I understand is trendy these days, but leaving the question mark off the first line of the second verse makes no sense. And where is the apostrophe in “tomorrow’s”? and the comma in the middle of the last lines? This is not an isolated example, many are like this and they are inconsistent. It is quicker to type them in from scratch.

And while you are at it, where is the support—I have had a query on the online forum for weeks now with no reply.

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