TapBlueyonder – Spam source

One of the leading commercial anti-spam companies, Trend-Micro, who run the MAPS system compile a weekly rogues gallery of ISPs and the amount of spam generated from their networks.

Blueyonder (our ISP) is number 42 having generated 71.4M spam emails last week in the last 24 hours.

No wonder we keep getting blocked.

Mind you, that is nowhere near as bad as BT (number 24) or Orange (at number 8 with over 300M spam). These figures are not factored by the size of the customer base, but that is probably right because the more customers, the more collective pain they experience when they are blocked. Smaller ISPs don’t appear explicitly if they buy their network from larger suppliers.

I have commented before on the stupidity of blacklists, but at least this one is contactable and apparently accountable. Why should the misdemeanours of a few customers impact the whole community?

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