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I am told that a breadmaker can be found sitting on a shelf, unused, in every modern kitchen. It is too early yet to discover if my new one will join the waffle maker, yoghurt maker, fondue set, tin opener, knife sharpener and raclette, but the first results were 100% successful. A nice fluffy white loaf with a crispy crust greeted us for breakfast this morning and the idea is that I make one every Friday that we are home at the same time as I wring the oranges.

A tip I can pass on from friend Liz is worth noting. On both our Panasonic models, the instructions say put the yeast in first followed by the flour and other dry ingredients and last of all the water. The idea is to keep the wet away from the yeast until it is needed. In practice this doesn’t work because the water, being heavy, leaks past the flour down the edges and spoils the yeast. The best way to do it is exactly the reverse; first the water with the fat THEN the flour which floats on top and finally the yeast which stays nice and dry. She has been doing this for years and I can confirm that it works perfectly.

N.B. For sacristans who might worry about these things, Mary will make the communion buns in the old way by hand unless numbers increase dramatically.

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