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This week—LinkToolbar

It allows you to add new toolbar icons which make navigation easier. Users of the full Mozilla suite will be familiar with it as a similar feature is integrated. First it looks for specially inserted HTML elements <link … > which define things like Next, Previous, First, Last and Top. If these are not found (and they are not common) then it gets clever and searches the body of the page for similar sounding manual links. Finally it interprets Up as up one level in the web server directory hierarchy and Top to mean just the domain root. You can put the neat little arrow buttons in any available toolbar space.

Finding this is a bit tricky as maintenance is sporadic. The official web site has version which is suitable for Firefox 1.0.* It was patched for Firefox 1.5 but this copy (1.1.99) can only be found via the bug report. When Firefox came out I couldn’t find a copy at all so I have hacked my own v1.1.99.1 (click to install, right click to download). There is no functional change, I have just changed the maximum permitted version, but it seems to work ok. There is reputed to be a version 1.2 coming out some time but the site has been very inactive.

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