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I have had a bunch of posts piling up waiting until I could update WordPress (which I did last night) so here is another one.

I have created a Facebook account, mostly to see what it is all about and see if I can use it to progress my genealogy research. That has been quite successful but in passing I have noticed that the advertisements down the right hand side of the profile screen are dominated by “Get Rich Quick” ads. They are all very similar in style with titles like “My New £1,000/day Hobby” and are mostly advertising a system using Google Adsense. The way this works is that you allow Google to put adverts on your website or blog and you get paid if your readers click through to the advertised site. It is certainly a legitimate way of earning and it is possible to make money doing it—BUT you need a very popular web site to make much. To get a very popular site you need lots of good content and that takes time and effort (and skill).

I strongly suspect that what these Facebook advertisers are really selling is a book or software supposed to help you reap these enormous gains. Information about running an Adsense program is readily available for free online (just read them with your brain switched on) and, anyway, you will probably find that the supposed income from the schemes are faked anyway.

P.S. The linked technique above can be used to fake any web site so just don’t trust screen shots!

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