TapAdvent GPS 400 – Further snippets

Just a few other bits of information I have picked up in passing.

  • Use the version of ActiveSync supplied. Only use a later one if required by another mobile device you wish to connect to the same PC.
  • The Advent GPS 400 is also knows as a Transonic T5000 in some places in Europe.
  • As of today there are no updated maps available. The ones on the Medion web site shop are the same as the ones that came with it.
  • If you have a storage card reader/writer, it is a LOT faster than transferring files via ActiveSync.
  • There is a little utility called STGViewer which can extract files from the backup.stg archive to recover just the favourites for instance.
  • ActiveSync is a bit of a resource hog on the PC and has no built in facility to stop it. There is another little utility called ActiveSyncToggle to start and stop it on demand which is useful if you don’t sync very often.

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