TapAdvent GPS400 File Structure

When opening the file system of the Advent, either via the Explore button on ActiveSync or via \My Computer\Mobile Device, then you see the root file structure thus:

Root files system of Advent GPS400

The folder My Flash Disk contains the navigation status, e.g. your saved routes and favourite landmarks.

Navigation files on Advent GPS400

The folder Storage Card is a mount point for the plugin card and contains the loadable copy of the navigation software and your available maps.

Storage Card on Advent GPS400

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the backup that ActiveSync makes goes to a file called backup.stg deep under your personal Documents and Settings folder. Using the STGviewer program you can open this and see what is backed up.

Backup files from Advent GPS400

As you can see, Storage Card is not backed up but we didn’t expect that. I have no idea what Pegasus Databases is. What is surprising (and annoying) is that My Flash Disk is not backed up either so it is no good for backup of these variable but important settings. I would suggest taking a copy using normal windows methods.

Initially the My Documents folder on the device is empty but this is where you need to put MP3 files for the built in player. As you can see, this folder IS backed up so the ActiveSync backup function does have some use. The Synchronise files function doesn’t; so, contrary to my earlier suggestion, you may as well leave it switched off.

Select the navigation catagory to find the earlier articles in this series. I think I have just about exhausted the subject for our purposes now, though I suspect that other software could be loaded and the device used as a proper PDA but we have no need for that.

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