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Do you send bulk eMail? Are you sure? What about the coffee rota or the minutes of the Squash Club committee meeting. I am not talking Mega Company marketing circulars here (that’s David’s job) but the little things that go to a modest number of people—this is addressed to you.

When you make up the circulation list, whether in an organised address book list or an ad-hoc list just typed into the field, DON’T put them in the “To:” or “Cc:” line—Use “Bcc:”! (blind copy). As there ought to be a “To:” address, make that yourself—it will confirm that it went out ok when you get yours back.

This is first of all plain courtesy as not every one wants their eMail address to be widely published and they gave it to you on the assumption that you would look after it. But secondly, if any one of the machines belonging to the people on your circulation list is compromised, then all the rest of you will be bombarded with spam.

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