TapThe Complete Church Laptop?

The complete church laptop containing everything you need to run your church office and services. From Kevin Mayhew Publishers: £1995 reduced to £1495 (out of stock—presumably built to order).

Sounds good—at a price. So let’s see what you get.

  • An unspecified DELL Laptop with dual screen capability (for projector not supplied), sound card (for PA not supplied) and wireless (for WiFi not supplied). It is hard to tell from the picture but it looks like a small wide-screen model. Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt and say it is the 4GB i3 Studio 15 w. 1GB ATI graphics card @ £600
  • Windows 7 (version not specified—Home Premium included in above price).
  • 15 months McAfee Security (included in above price).
  • Microsoft Office (presumably home & student edition as there is no Outlook but that is only a non-commercial licence!—£100)
  • Mozilla calendar & email (free).
  • iTunes (free).
  • Spotify (but no subscription).
  • 12 Months 2GB cloud backup (not sure about DataSafe but can be free from some places like Mozy).
  • 2200 hymns and songs in MP3 and PowerPoint format, presumably with a perpetual licence to play and show them (they are publishers after all). No mention of an update service.
  • Some service-sheet templates.
  • Software pre-installed and configured.

So £700 worth of stuff plus installation and some data content. It doesn’t look good value to me unless that perpetual license is very expensive. They don’t mention that if you obtain any other songs then you may need CCL, PPL and/or PRS licences to show and play them.

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