TapArguments for and against installing MacOS Lion

I had trouble identifying any compelling reason to install the latest version of the Apple Mac OS version nicknamed “Lion” so resorted to reading all the reviews and listing the points. It may come down to going to a store and trying it out.


Stuff that is likely to work and I would actually use.

  • The usual security and currency stuff.
  • Creation of instant folders for selected content.
  • Filevault2 encryption.
  • Mission Control (Exposé + Spaces).
  • Accented character picker.
  • Resize windows from any corner.
  • Enhancements to Preview application.
  • Signatures to PDFs (if it works with third party cameras).
  • It is cheap.


Either things I am not interested in or don’t have the hardware to support.

  • Full-screen applications now integrated and standard. With large monitors full-screen is often a waste of space.
  • Icons are now monochrome. Probably harder to see but no big deal.
  • Launchpad—I put the Applications folder on the Dock.
  • Autosave and version control (some applications). I am not sure about this one, I don’t think I use any applications that support it.
  • Added 9 Sept: Autosave and version control only work to HFS+ formatted drives, not NAS.
  • Resume (some) applications where you left off.
  • Multi-touch gestures (I have no touch pad—should I get one?).
  • AirDrop (Mac Pro has no built in wi-fi so it won’t work).
  • Reversal of scrolling. I’ll get used to it.
  • Facetime (reported no support for third party cameras).
  • Some gestures not supported on magic mouse.
  • (Reported) side swipes are inconsistent.
  • Loss of Rosetta. I never used it.
  • Mail and Calendar enhancements (I don’t use them).
  • Added 9 Sept: Loss of Front Row (thanks Dozer).


Stuff that will hinder me.

  • Loss of grid arrangement of spaces (now desktops). I race around spaces at speed using Ctrl-Arrows.
  • Desktops don’t wrap around end to start as you cycle through them.
  • Desktops are not identifiable except by content.
  • Going full screen creates a new desktop in the list.
  • Inconsistencies with dual monitor support such as full screen.
  • (Reported) difficulty using copy/paste between desktops.
  • Auto-termination of applications which are not being used.
  • Wake on mouse “wiggle” disabled (not sure if this is just for system sleep or monitor sleep as well).
  • Added 9 Sept: Loss of connection to some NAS devices (thanks Dozer). I am informed by Netgear that my ReadyNAS duo should be ok. Not sure about my LinkSys NSLU2.

At the moment the big blocker is a critical application has not yet been ported but that should be ready in a few weeks finding the time. Then…is it worth it?

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