TapHandy tips for Laguna owners (4)

I have been surprised how popular this series has been with readers, attracting many more comments than most. I should point out that I am no expert in this subject, just passing on things that I have discovered either by personal experience, research, investigation or plain logic. To that end I can recommend the prolific RenaultForums which has a much larger group of contributors, some of them quite knowledgeable.

It is from reading many posts on there that I have extracted the following useful tips.

  • The anti-hijack lock. This is the system which locks all the doors (from the outside) as soon as the car exceeds 6 mph. When delivered new, it is switched off. To enable/disable it, with the ignition on (card key fully inserted) press and hold the central locking button on the console until it goes “beep”.
  • Fuses. Having lost my handbook, I am still trying to trace what fuses do what. There are three locations for fuses that I have found, the one by the driver’s knee, one by the battery under the bonnet and one in a very strange place. If you pull out the ashtray (grab it firmly by the sides and pull straight out) then below it is the socket for the engine diagnostic system and a single fuse. This may be for the radio or possibly the cigarette lighter.
  • Tyre pressure sensors. This is a hot topic for discussion but a few snippets emerge.
    • The valves which contain the sensors are quite fragile so care needs to be taken when changing tyres.
    • The metal valve caps corrode and stick on and can cause the valve stems to break when trying to remove them. Many correspondents recommend changing them for plastic ones as soon as possible.
    • The valves are colour coded and a matching code chart can be found on the edge of the driver’s door below the lock. Make sure that the right valve/wheel is on the right corner of the car else the system will get confused.
    • If you get the sensors come on for no apparent reason then try over inflating the tyres by 5-10 psi and then reducing back to the correct pressure to unstick them.
    • If you have to get any new valves then the car computer needs to be programmed to accept the new codes—this seems to require a Renault agent.

As soon as I find some time to repair my bad card key I will post about that and other key related things.

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